Today L’Oreal launched a new innovative app that will change the way we try on makeup forever.

The “Makeup Genius” app is free for iPhone and iPad. It lets you try on makeup in real-time using your front-facing camera. I didn’t believe it could be as good as the hype, so I gave it a try. I was truly surprised.

When you first download from the app store, it makes you create an account. Nothing major – just first name, email, zip code, and age.

It then asks you to sit with a relaxed face while it scans it. After the scan, it asks if you would like to try on looks or individual products.

In the individual products section, it gives the option of trying on blush, eyeliner, lip stick, lip gloss, lip liner, and eye shadows.

After I played with that, I went to the “looks” section. That’s when I was blown away. It honestly looked like I was wearing the makeup. And wearing it well.

The great thing about this app is it lets you try on looks in real time. You can move your head to different angles, pucker your lips – the makeup follows your face. It truly is “genius”.

L'Oreal Makeup GeniousThe first photo is me all natural. I do have light makeup on today, but it’s barely noticeable. The next pictures were screen-shot from the “Makeup Genius” app.

With the launch of this app, we can only hope that other companies will soon follow. In a few months we could be trying on hair colors, clothes, jewelry – all with the aid of a camera.

Have you tried to new L’Oreal “Makeup Genius” app? What other apps would you like to see that follow this design?

Let me know!