In a nation with rising obesity statistics, it’s hardly a surprise that losing weight and watching less television are the two most frequent New Years resolutions.

People across the nation are determined to combat the epidemic of obesity that has steadily become more prevalent in Americans for the past two decades.

Other resolutions that make the top ten list include, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, spending more time with loved ones and, not surprisingly, considering the unemployment rates the country has seen the past year, finding a job.

People will need to do more than just lose pounds to stop the problems associated with unhealthy body weight, according to blogger Susan Schade; true fitness calls for a complete change of lifestyle, including exercise and eating habits.

Schade said “I love that the No. 1 resolution is not to lose weight but to get fit. Being healthy is not just about losing or gaining weight, it’s about strengthening your body, inside and out.”