Lowe’s Father’s Day Grill Sale Offers Some Great Deals – Grill Review

Lowe’s Father’s Day Grill Sale Offers Some Great Deals – Grill Review

Lowe’s Father’s Day Grill sale includes two solid, medium sized, budget level, grills at $99 each.

One is a charcoal grill, the Char-Griller Super Pro 30-in Black Barrel Charcoal Grill.

Regularly priced at $139, at $99 it’s on sale for 28% off.

Totally unsolicited, a fellow shopper came up to me while I was looking at these at Lowe’s. He said he bought one ten years ago and loves it. He stated that it works great and has held up very well.

The Char-Griller Super Pro has a steel barrel, cast-iron cooking plates, and a side and front shelf.

The other grill they have on sale for $99, and the one I’ll review here, is the Blue Rhino Black And Silver/Porcelain And Stainless Steel 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill.

While I love the experience of cooking over charcoal, the turn-it-on-and-it’s-ready-to-go convenience of a gas grill is more in keeping with my current life style.

The Blue Rhino gas grill has a stainless steel lid and front panel, three burners (up to 27000-BTU), a temperature gauge, cast iron cooking grates, and two side shelves.

Assembly was not an issue. This (and the Char-griller Super Pro) were available at my local Lowe’s fully assembled. However, do be aware there is a match lighter hook (for holding a match to the burners if ignition fails for some reason) in a plastic wrap tucked under and behind the knob panel. You’ll want to remove that from the plastic before the grill is fired up for the first time.

As budget grills go, the Blue Rhino gas grill is very nice looking.

In use, I found it to be solid and study.

The burners lit easily for the most part. Turning them on and off throughout the day, I did have the third burner ignite slowly once, taking a couple of clicks before it fired up. I’m not sure if this is because it’s third in line and wasn’t getting as much gas or what, though it did burn evenly when lit. I may experiment with starting it in reverse order, the farthest down the line, then the second, then the first, in the future.

With the lid closed and all three burners set to their lowest on setting, the grill temperature was steady at about 300 degrees.

With the lid closed and the knobs turned to full, the temperature quickly reached 650 degrees.

The front of the handle of the grill stayed cool to the touch even with the temperature at 650 degrees. The handle did get hot around the sides near the connection with the barrel, but could still be handled from the middle with no problem.

Cooking wise, after dousing the cast iron grates with non-stick oil, hamburgers were thrown on. They cooked up with no trouble, no sticking, and were delicious.

Char-Broil’s 2 burner grill cover, also available at Lowe’s, fits the Blue Rhino 3 burner grill well. The cover costs $14.98.

At $99, both of these grills are good Father’s Day deals.

If you have experience with these grills, or questions about the Blue Rhino gas grill, please leave your comments below!