This summer, Lumo BodyTech is releasing a new gadget called the Lumo Lift to the public.

This new device tracks the number of steps the user has walked, the number of calories he or she has burned, and the amount of time that has been spent by the user in good posture.

The Lumo Lift attaches to clothing with a magnetic clasp and is designed to be worn on the user’s chest. 

This small gadget can be programmed to vibrate when users slouch and can be used as a reminder to assume good posture throughout the day.

Like most health and fitness related gadgets, the Lumo Lift syncs its information with an app that can be downloaded on to personal smartphone and tablet devices. The app will be available for iOS devices upon Lumo Lift’s launch this summer and will be available for Andriod devices shortly after, according to the Lumo BodyTech website.

The Lumo Lift can be pre-ordered now for $79 and will be shipped at the product’s release in summer 2014. There is, however, a limited number of devices left, with less than 30 currently available for pre-order.

The device comes in White Gloss, Black Chrome, and Silver Chrome.

The Lumo Jewlery Clasps are also available for pre-order in the Lumo Lift Combo Pack. This package is currently $94 on pre-order and includes the jewelry and colored clasps.