LUSH American Cream Conditioner Review

Having desperately dry hair, I’m always looking for a great conditioner that will help combat the damage I’ve inflicted on my long locks.  Going into LUSH, you usually think “soaps” and “bath bombs”, not “hair products”.

However, when I went into a Lush store in Chicago, I happened to see that they carried hair products.  Obviously, since I didn’t even know they carried hair products, I knew nothing about them.  So I asked an employee.

The young woman was so considerate and asked me many questions about my hair type, what I wanted to use it for, and more.  I told her that I wanted a leave-in conditioner to put in my wet hair after I got out of the shower.  She pointed me toward the American Cream Conditioner.  It’s made with honey, lavender, and fresh oranges, making it a fresh and healthy option for your hair.

While this conditioner is marketed as a normal conditioner to use in the shower, she told me that using a smaller amount on my hair as a leave-in conditioner would do wonders for my hair.  She was so right.

My hair hasn’t felt softer or healthier than it does with that conditioner since before I started coloring it.  It’s such a simple way to treat your dry hair when you get out of the shower that will last through your entire heat styling regimen.

The only downside that I’ve seen so far for this conditioner is the cost.  I didn’t purchase the full size on my first trip to the store because of the price.  The American Cream conditioner begins at $9.95 for a travel size 3.3 fl oz bottle and goes up to $32.95 for 16.9 fl oz.

Photo by Running with Spoons.

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