Earlier today, Apple announced OS X Yosemite, the latest version of its Mac operating system.

While the update comes packed with many new features and performance boosts, the most notable change is the operating system’s drastic new visual appearance.

OS X Yosemite features a new ‘flatter’ look, similar to that seen in the iOS 7 update last year. No longer do menu bars and application icons ‘pop out’ or appear three-dimensional. This may be the most significant aesthetic change Mac OS has seen since OS X Leopard. These new changes can be seen on Apple’s OS X Yosemite ‘Design’ page here.

Some users might consider a visual commonality across their devices to be a considerate move by Apple, others are still having a hard time adjusting to the changes implemented in iOS 7. Apple has attempted to fuse iOS with Mac OS in the past with features like Launchpad, along with iOS-native apps, such as Notes and Maps. Some of these features have been better received and better utilized than others.

Do the OS X Yosemite design changes disappoint users?

If so, does the operating system’s other features and performance improvements more than compensate? Join the discussion of Apple’s new design direction.

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