Two well known tech sites are having major sales events this holiday weekend. Savings on some products we found are well over 50%, and a wide variety of products are listed in the sales.

Both Newegg and TigerDirect are having large Memorial Day weekend sales. Newegg features a 2 terrabyte harddrive prominently on their home page. The drive normally sales for $99.99, and is on sale for $69.99. They also feature 8gb (2 4gb sticks) of desktop memory, regularly $94.99 for $74.99. TigerDirect has several products featured, including a Vizio 37 inch LDC HDTV, regularly $499.99, on sale for $349.99, a Garmin 4.3 inch GPS (refurbished) regularly $179.99, on sale for &89.99, and a JVC HD pocket camcorder, regularly $179.99, on sale for $69.97.

Newegg goes on to list many other computer components, peripherals and other electronics. Included are power supplies, fans, more memory, motherboards, drives, monitors, cameras, Bluetooth headsets, even a home theater system.

Over at TigerDirect, who is owned by the same parent company as CompUSA (items in CompUSA stores are priced the same as they are on TigerDirect’s website, with some limitations), they have monitors, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, memory, software, a USB charger/mousepad (for $5.99), flash drives, cameras and more.

Newegg lists their sale prices as good through 5/30, TigerDirect simply says ‘limited time offers.’