Malaysian Airlines: Cheap Flights May Be Avail… But Are They Safe?

Malaysian Airlines ticket prices are likely to drop in the aftermath of the two crashes making cheap flights available.

But is it safe to fly with them?

Malaysia Airline’s MH370 flight went missing in March and has still not been found.  Another tragedy struck when their MH17 plane crashed in eastern Ukraine after being shot down earlier this month.

The thought of recent tragedies will be a deterrent to traveling with Malaysian Airlines. However, there is evidence that they do remain a safe airline and have merely been extremely unlucky.

Malaysian Airlines is offering refunds to any customer that booked flights for 2014. With many people opting to cancel their travel, there will be some cheap flights to be had if you are willing to overlook the perceived risks of flying with an airline that has lost two planes.

After MH17 went missing, Simon Calder, travel expert and travel editor for the Independent, told Channel 4 News, “Despite the terrible time that it is going through, and despite the reputational damage it will almost certainly get, it remains a very safe airline.”

After only four months, another Malaysian Airlines plane crashed after being shot down in Ukraine. Malaysian Airlines were not the only airline flying over this area. They were just unlucky victims in a war zone.

The International Air Transport Association said that “the space the aircraft was traversing was not subject to restrictions.” The Aviation Authority had not considered that passenger planes were at risk flying over eastern Ukraine.

Commercial Flights are now being rerouted around eastern Ukraine.

Consumer Expert Alaena Bateman

Alaena is a freelance writer and translator. Her passion for traveling has helped her develop insight into the tourism industry around the world.