Tower Of Terror, Disney's California Adventure ParkThe Twilight Zone “Tower of Terror” at Disney’s California Adventure Park was closed briefly Wednesday night when a young man fell while waiting in line.

Park spokeswoman Suzi Brown said that the 20 year old man was standing with friends on a second floor platform. He proceeded to climb the railing to an area below and this caused him to lose balance and fall 25-30 feet.

Sgt. Rick Martinez, of the Anaheim Police Department, reported that the man put his leg over the railing, joked about the chance of someone falling, then fell. “There was some indication that he may have been drinking previously,” said Sgt. Martinez.

On site paramedics treated the man, and he was transported to University of California Irvine Medical Center. However, his injuries were not severe and after treatment he was released.

It was around 10:30 pm when the accident happened. Disney had to close down the ride for paramedics to help the guest, but it reopened quite quickly.

The ride is a thrill ride that takes visitors to the top of an elevator shaft before dropping them. California Adventure Park is adjacent to Disneyland.