Market Basket Family Feud Starves Locals, Benefits Competitors

Shoppers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire who’ve found bare shelves at their local Market Basket grocery stores have begun taking their business elsewhere to some of Market Basket’s major competitors.

The 71-store regional grocery chain is embroiled in a bitter family dispute over last month’s firing of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. The much-beloved CEO was ousted in June after decades of family power struggles. Employees have demanded Demoulas’s immediate reinstatement.

Despite being a non-unionized workforce, employees at dozens of locations have begun taking job action to force Market Basket’s shareholders’ hands. Warehouse delivery operations all but ceased this past weekend, resulting in the firing of eight management-level employees.

The lack of deliveries has left shelves bare, most noticeably in produce, dairy, meats and other perishables.

Organizers in support of the #SaveMarketBasket movement yesterday called for “71 stores, 71 rallies” leading to thousands of employees and supporters rallying for a third time since Demoulas’s firing at Market Basket stores throughout the region.

While not a formal unionized strike, the overwhelming display of loyalty and dwindling stock is now sending regular shoppers to Market Basket’s biggest competitors such as Shaw’s, Star Market, and nationwide grocer Stop N’ Shop.

The ongoing standoff between employees and executives presents another growing concern for customers who can’t afford to shop at the grocery chain’s competitors: Market Basket is known regionally as a majorly discounted grocery retailer, often located in economically disadvantaged communities.

If this family feud goes on much longer, Market Basket might even starve themselves out of business entirely.

Are you a regular shopper at Market Basket struggling to get your groceries this week? What do you think about this unusual display of employee loyalty?

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Consumer Expert Keiko Zoll

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