SHIELDMarvel’s Agents of SHIELD returned to ABC last night with a disappointing 1.7 adults 18-49 rating, according to TV by the Numbers . This is an all time series low.

The premiere episode offered, though, what most television and comic bloggers demanded – more actual agents and more super powers.

Tensions ran high from the start of the episode. The show picks up with Skye, who suffered gun shot wounds at the hand of villain, Ian Quinn.

Skye remains on life support for the duration of the episode. Things look bleak for Skye until Jemma injects her with mystery medicine.

The medicine was recovered from T.A.H.I.T.I when Coulson led the team to the site of his resurrection with the help of Agents Garrett and Trip. What he uncovers on site is disturbing.

At long last, the show reveals the partial source of Coulson’s reanimation- fluids drawn from a very large, tattered, blue alien. The creature is suspended in a tank and appears unconscious. Several tubes run from its body into a lab.

No one is certain what’s in store for Skye, but her vitals stabilize by shows end. The  alien infusion may forever change computer savvy, sassy Skye. How remains unclear.

This is not where the suspense ends. The episode closes with a new character, Lorelei, who for some reason is wandering Death Valley.

Previews for next week’s episode reveal she is from Thor’s planet, Asgard, and her mission is to enslave man kind. Fear not. The preview also revealed another Asgardian, Lady Sif , is on hand to help mankind.

Whether or not the additions of Asagardians, alien transfusions, and Agents Garret and Trip is enough for dissatisfied viewers is debatable, but SHIELD is moving in the right direction.

Hopefully ratings improve next week as the show works out its growing pains.