Marvel’s Jessica Jones

The highly anticipated release of Jessica Jones is finally here.

Starring Krysten Ritter as Jessica, the show follows a private investigator with supernatural powers as she solves cases while fighting back against her dark past.

The show is shadowed and convoluted. Regardless of the supernatural elements to the show, it is relatable; facing the mistakes of your past is something that every single person in the world can relate to. The superhero aspects of the show make it interesting and unpredictable and engaging. The fear of a lack of control runs in the blood of everyone on the planet. No one wants to feel as though they have no control or say in their life choices or actions. This show takes that away from characters, showing what it is like to be truly out of control.

Ritter shines out of the darkness throughout the show, pulling in comedic timing as well as dramatic and painful experiences. This show is not a comedy by a long shot; however, Ritter is able to pull in small, minuscule moments of humor to lighten the ever-so-sinister mood.

Reminiscent of The Blacklist, the show is fast-paced and intense. The show is not heavy on dialogue; it is heavy on action, letting the pictures on the screen speak for themselves. There is no room for multi-tasking during this show. Blink and you miss it. Things can change in the blink of an eye; the moment that you think things will turn out the way you anticipate, you learn that you are wrong.

The mystery runs deep; from the beginning of the series, you can sense a lack of knowledge on the audience’s part. There are things that you do not know from an audience’s perspective, causing you to look deeper into the show and try to predict the outcome. It allows audiences to engage in the show a bit more rather than feeling excluded and distant.

Jessica has a challenge ahead of her in order to successfully conquer the enemy as well as her fears, which coincide with one another. The task at hand is a hefty one; whether or not she is the one in control of her hand will be for time to tell.

The first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones is available exclusively on Netflix now.

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