Meet The First Flexible Smartphone To Enter The Market

Flexible smartphones are entering the market.

Moxi Group, a Chinese-based company, has announced that it will release 100,000 flexible smartphones into the Chinese market this year.

These smartphones are designed to roll up as a bracelet and can be worn on your wrist. They will be touch-screen, and touch features will work even when they are rolled up.

As of now, these phones will only come with a black and white display. However, the company hopes to introduce color graphics in 2018.

Each smartphone will cost around 5,000 yuan, which amounts to $765. Although they will only be available on the Chinese market, these smartphones may go global if there is enough interest.

The screens are bendable because they use graphene technology. In addition, the processor and battery are all crammed into a small space, as opposed to being behind the screen.

Samsung and LG are said to be working on flexible smartphones as well. However, Moxi Group is the first to introduce them into the market.