After a fairly long hiatus for fraternal twin singers Megan and Liz Mace, “Megan & Liz“, they’ve announced the release of their new EP, Simple Life, now on iTunes.

The YouTube sensations released the title track music video for their new EP, Simple Life on USA Today yesterday.  The song is about their experience when visiting Nashville, Tennessee, according to the video description.  “This song really just explains what we went through while we were living in LA, and how happy we are to be back in Nashville.”

The song has a slight country feel to it, without having too much southern twang.  The music video itself has a lighthearted, 4th of July, summer feel to it.  It is definitely the perfect summer song for cruising down the road with the windows down.  Anyone who loves the small town life, whether you’re currently living there or not, can relate to this song.

“Just because you live in a big city, it’s not a bad thing, it just wasn’t for us,” says Liz. “That message was the whole goal of the video,” They told told USA Today.

Megan & Liz currently have over 1,054,000 subscribers on YouTube.  There has not been any talk from the twins about a tour as of yet.  Both Megan and Liz are on Twitter as well as an official Megan & Liz Twitter account.

Do you like the new EP/music video?  Let us know!