Memorial Day is a Federal Holiday, and as such, must non-essential government offices are closed.

The post office, USPS is also closed and there will be no regular mail delivery today. UPS and FedEx are essentially closed for most of us. There will be no home deliveries and their storefronts are closed. In most US locations, services such as trash pickup are scheduled for alternate days.

Most banks are closed for the holiday. A few customer oriented banks may be open, and of course ATM and online banking services such as PayPal will continue normal operations.

Must major retailers are open today during normal business hours, and will likely be busy. The major stores, such as Sears, WalMart, Best Buy, KMart, JCPenny, Kohl’s, Beal’s, Target and others will be open and featuring Memorial Day sales.

Tourism destinations are also open and active.

The major grocery chains are also open.