This weekend appeared to be a bit messy for new iPad retailers Best Buy and Toys”R”Us.

The two companies advertised that they would have iPad 2’s on sale on Suday, April 17th. But reports are streaming onto the internet about these stores either not having any all, or selling out very quickly.

Paul Suarez, at PCWorld, reports that he contacted three local Best Buys and none had any in stock by late morning. One store reported they had very few in stock when they opened, and those were gone within an hour. A Toy”R”Us store replied that they had not received any to sell.

Brooke Crothers, at CNET, is reporting that only ‘select’ Toy”R”Us stores received iPad 2’s, and that those stores sold out quickly. One they contacted was sold out by 10am. The Best Buys they contacted were taking orders, but had none in stock. One apologized about an advertisement that gave the impression that they had iPad 2’s in stock – when they did not.

iPad 2 sellers (when they have them in stock) now include Apple (of course), and AT&T, Target, Toys”R”Us, Verizon, Best Buy and Walmart.

Looking at online availability, as of Sunday evening: Apple’s website is predicting that new orders will ship in two to three weeks. AT&T says shipping in 10 to 15 days. Verizon says 3 to 4 weeks. And WalMart just says “out of stock.”  Best Buy, Toys”R”Us,  and Target, offer the iPad 2 through their stores only, not through their sites.