Known largely as an actor, Michael Cera made an unannounced solo album available as a paid download from his bandcamp page. Titled “True That,” it consists of 18 short songs, mostly instrumental tracks.

The album has been classified as lo-fi folk, and his use of a new tag, “home recording” suggests that he did it himself without a recording studio.

The songs are simple, and the quality is not the greatest, but they demonstrate Cera’s ability to capture a mood in the space of a minute. The simple nature of it also gives Cera the chance to demonstrate his talent with piano, guitar, and vocals.

Most of the songs have quirky titles that you would expect from Michael Cera, for example “uhohtrouble” is the first track and “Humdrummin” shows up later.

Cera has sang before on both Weezer’s single “Hang On” in 2011 and covered the Moldy Peaches for Juno’s soundtrack in 2007.

Cera is widely known as an actor, his most well-known roles are in “Arrested Development,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” and “Juno.” He is currently performing on Broadway in “This is Our Youth.”

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