Michael Jackson Tribute At IIFA Rocks Bollywood Extravaganza

Jermaine Jackson performed a brief tribute to his deceased younger sibling, Michael Jackson, at the International Indian Filmmaking Academy Rocks concert in Toronto, Canada, on Friday, June 24. This commemorates the second anniversary of the pop superstar’s death.

“This is a special moment in the show because it’s a tribute to my brother,” Jermaine announced, before joining famous Indian songwriter, Sonu Nigam, in a version of “This is It,” which was written by Nigam after Michael Jackson’s death as a tribute to the singer.

IIFA Rocks is an extravagant and dramatic concert and fashion show inspired by the extremely popular Bollywood genre of music and films that originated in India. It is part of the larger three-day weekend of festivities that are currently taking place as part of the IIFA’s 12th annual awards ceremonies, which has drawn thousands of Bollywood fans from all over North America and Asia.

Jermaine Jackson, who was Michael Jackson’s older brother and fellow member of the Jackson Five, performed a medley of several of  Michael’s hit songs, including “Scream,” and “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” Jermaine was dressed in an outfit obviously inspired by his brother, wearing a white jacket with military-style epaulets, white shirt, tight black trousers and a black cummerbund.

Jermaine Jackson and Sonu Nigam performed in front of a lineup of background dancers clad in Michael Jackson’s iconic fedora and black and white costume, who treated the crowd to a Bollywood-Michael Jackson mashup dance routine. The concertgoers sang and danced along, screaming with approval during breaks.

Jermaine Jackson had commented earlier on the red carpet, “What comes back to mind is when we were young and we were on tour with the Jackson 5 and doing our thing.

“He (Michael Jackson) had the most wonderful smile, and we’re going to continue to keep his music alive and his legacy and the message, which was: Let’s bring awareness to the less fortunate in the world and the planet. That’s the most important to him and that was the most important to the whole Jackson family.”

Michael Jackson’s death has been shrouded in mystery for the past two years, with theories ranging from murder, suicide to accidental overdose. Prosecutors in Los Angeles are currently trying Jackson’s personal physician, Conrad Murray, for manslaughter. Murray is accused of administering the fatal dose of Propofol, a powerful anesthetic and sedative normally only used in a hospital setting, that ultimately stopped Jackson’s heart. Murray contends that Jackson administered the dose himself.

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