During the commotion surrounding the reported 20 minute time frame after Michael Jackson died,  a security guard for Jackson, Faheem Mohammad, recalls seeing Jackson on the floor next to his bed and Murray in “sort of a panic state, and I recall him shortly after asking if anyone in the room knew CPR.” Mohammad then left the room to take Jackson’s children away from the scene.

Mohammad also stated that about an hour after Jackson’s death, Dr. Murray told him he was hungry, and left.

In another twist, when the paramedic, Richard Senneff, who has been with the Los Angeles Fire Department for twenty five years, arrived at the scene in Holmby Hills, the patients eyes were already dilated. While his crew tried to revive Jackson, he said it appeared Jackson had been dead more than 20 minutes, although Dr. Murray said it had “just happened”. The paramedic didn’t believe it had just happened because Jackson’s body was already cold.

“At that time, or any time, did Dr. Murray tell you he’d given the patient propofol?” asked Deputy Dist. Attorney David Walgren. “No, sir'” Senneff responded. He did testify he had asked Dr. Murray what drugs has been administered and that Dr. Murray told him he had given Jackson lorazepam. Senneff added that he thought it odd that the patient was underweight, had an IV stand and his own personal physician.

This testimony is interesting because Dr. Murray has already admitted to prosecutors that he had administered propofol to Jackson to help him sleep.