Microsoft launches new website that has the ability to guess your age based on your appearance. The website,, tries its best to determine how old you are based on your facial appearance.

The site uses Microsoft’s face detecting API tools to recognize you and give you a rough estimate of your age.

So far, the majority of its guesses are incorrect, but that only makes it more interesting.

Obviously you already know your age, so why not make it a game to see how accurate the technology is?

If it guesses you’re 101 then you can take a screenshot and show it to your friends. If it guesses correctly, then you can be amazed at how far technology has come. Either way, it’ll be an interesting experience.

Also, don’t worry about putting yourself online, because the website assures you that it won’t keep your picture.

The site was first announced at the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco on April 30th. Microsoft originally sent emails asking people to test it, but didn’t expect more than 35,000 people to use the site in just a few hours.

People are even sharing their pictures on Twitter with #HowOldRobot.

How well did the website guess your age? Share in the comments below!