Microsoft’s Cortana Coming Soon To Android And iPhone

Microsoft’s Cortana app for Windows Phone users will be coming to other devices as well. Android users should expect to get a taste of Microsoft’s virtual assistant starting in June, and iPhone users later in the year

The news was broken this morning on Microsoft’s Windows Blog. The app was announced alongside news that Windows 10 will come with a Phone Companion app built-in.

You’ll only need to connect to your Windows 10 PC using the Phone Companion app to get both devices working in conjunction. The process is simple with Windows Phones, but Android and iPhones will require a few more steps to get everything working.

Since Microsoft can’t directly harness the system of other phones, Cortana will be slightly watered down on Android and iPhone. If you use those phones, you won’t get voice activation, or options to launch apps and settings.

Microsoft’s Cortana is a personal assistant developed for Windows Phones and Windows 10. It is named after the artificial intelligence character in the Halo franchise.

Cortana functions much like Siri, because it can set reminders, answer questions using Bing information, and recognize your natural voice. It also has a feature called “Notebook” where your personal interests are stored so that Cortana can learn your patterns and behavior.

Looking forward to Cortana, or do you prefer Siri? Let us know in the comments!

Consumer Expert Kesten Harris

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