Turn-based strategy fans rejoice: Might and Magic Heroes Online has gone live!

The 2.5D free to play browser game was developed by Blue Byte, published by Ubisoft and was officially launched on September 29, 2014.

The game’s launch has you choose from one of two factions: the Holy Empire of Haven or the Spider Cult of Necropolis.

The Holy Empire is a theocracy that worships Elrath, the Dragon of Light, while the Spider Cult is a politically powerful cult that worships Asha’s Aspect of Death.

You will then choose between a Knight or Wizard class – the respective heroes of might and magic.

Gameplay is very similar to Heroes III, one of the most iconic and memorable entries in the Might and Magic series.

You explore the map with your heroes, raise armies in your town, fight using your armies on hexagonal battlefields, gain gold and experience from each battle, develop the abilities of your hero and strengthen your army with stronger troops.

Unlike the earlier entries in the series, though, you will have to contend with waiting times lasting anywhere between minutes to hours to days depending on your in-game progress.

The game is available free at the Might and Magic Heroes Online landing page, in-game purchases are optional. No download is required.

Like the newest entry in the Heroes franchise? Hate what they’ve done with the game?

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