Might’ve Missed Movie Review – The Fisher King

Terry Gilliam is known for many things, including Monty Python’s Flying Circus. His film directing career has taken him along many paths.

Actors Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams help bring one of his visions to life.

A cinematic gem from 1991, The Fisher King is a modern twist on the quest for the Holy Grail. Bridges plays a man who was at the top, making a mistake that indirectly cost people their lives. Williams portrays a homeless vagabond, who was on the receiving end of that fateful decision. Together, they work to move on from what happened, and in turn heal each others’ emotional wounds.

While Jeff Bridges’ character Jack tries to help Robin Williams’ Parry, roles are constantly questioned: Which of them is the fallen king? Which is the fool that brings redemption? Who is helping who?

The movie contains sharp writing and masterful cinematography. The movie unfolds with great comedic timing, as well as terrible tragedy. All of it feeling real and relatable.

Support from actors Mercedes Ruehl, Amanda Plummer and Michael Jeter add depth and humanity to the story.

As of this writing, The Fisher King is available on Netflix. It can also be found on DVD and Blu-ray.

Has anyone ever seen this movie? If you haven’t, would you be interested in checking it out? Let us know in the comments below.

Consumer Expert Scott Wilkins

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