The most commonly downloaded apps amongst millionaires isn’t some kind of accounting program. Nope. Quite the opposite. Just like us, they’re downloading Facebook, Angry Birds and Words With Friends.

This from a new study completed by the Luxury Institute, which named those apps as some of the favorites of the most wealthy consumers in the US. In their analysis of the study, Luxury Daily said that while the more affluent amongst us prefer the “in-store experience,” more than two thirds of those who own smart phones admitted to buying products or services through mobile shopping. They go on to say that apps geared toward luxury shoppers need to provide a better user experience. Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, said that “Consumers are becoming so much more mobile and we need to figure out how to translate that mobility into a humanistic experience.”

The study found that purchases by wealthy consumers average $628. The most common purchases included technology. personal electronics, event tickets, gift cards, and food. Along with preferring an in-store experience, other reasons wealthy shoppers said they didn’t shop through mobile more often included security issues, not knowing how to make mobile purchases, or their favorite brands not being available through mobile shopping.