The reports keep coming in: massive animal deaths are occurring all over the world, and experts are hard pressed to give any logical explanations.

On Tuesday, millions of fish washed up on the shore of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. At the same time, reports were coming in of similar fish deaths in New Zealand and Brazil.

Over 100 tons of fish, including catfish, croaker, and sardines, have washed ashore in port towns in Brazil over the past few days.

Similarly, the sea carried hundreds of dead snapper fish to shore in New Zealand.

All of this is serving to fuel the world’s curiosity after the initial report of thousands of dead birds in Beebe, Arkansas, and then again in Louisiana. On Monday 100,000 dead fish turned up in the Arkansas River, and on Wednesday jackdaws were found littering the streets of a town in Sweden. Up until now, experts have been saying that the deaths were caused by fireworks, but Dan Cristol, professor of biology, doesn’t think so.

He is not a proponent of the fireworks theory, saying that it wouldn’t have happened unless “somebody blew something into the roost, literally blowing the birds into the sky.”