Sony France announced yesterday that the digital versions of Mojang’s ‘Minecraft‘ will be available for download on the Play Station 4 later today.

Initially at Gamescom 2013, Sony had claimed plans for ‘Minecraft’ to be released as a launch title for the PS4 with a later release on the PS3 and Playstation Vita. Unfortunately fans were disappointed as “some issues” had caused ‘Minecrafts’ PS4 debut to be delayed time and time again.

While no date has been given for a physical release; players of ‘Minecraft’, we’re ecstatic to see Greg Miller of IGN Tweet a screenshot of ‘Minecraft’ available for download at a price of $20 USD.

Although the link was broken and taken down shortly after, the screenshot confirmed what many fans had already suspected; 4J Studios port of ‘Minecraft’ to the Play Station 4. F

ollowing the wild success of ‘Minecraft’ on other consoles such as the Xbox 360 in 2012 and the PS3 in 2013, there is little doubt that ‘Minecraft’ will excel on the PS4 as it currently dominates in the ‘console wars.’

With ‘Minecraft’ finally seeing release on the PS4 five years after its initial release, it begs the question of how long these remakes can last.

Let us know your thoughts below and tell us if you think ‘Minecraft’ will be around for another five years and maybe even see remakes for the next generation of consoles.