I recently found out about this great online store called Miss A. They sell all kinds of fashionable and cute accessories as well as a few make-up products. The truly great thing about this online store though is that everything cost just one dollar. It is like the dollar store but for fashionistas!

Miss A has a variety of accessories, nail polish and other cosmetic items to choose from. Shipping is also cheap and starts at just $3.95.

Miss A does a great job packaging items to make sure that nothing breaks or spills during the shipping process. They used multiple layers of packaging to ensure a safe delivery. Some easily breakable items such as nail polish, concealer and other liquid cosmetic items get wrapped in bubble wrap for an extra layer of protection.

The accessories and makeup themselves are very good for the price. The jewelry is actually very pretty and nice looking despite being costume jewelry. In fact, a lot of the accessories from Miss A look better than typical costume jewelry. While a lot of cheap jewelry and accessories tend to look inexpensive, the pieces from Miss A look very well made and stylish. It is very easy to pair a bracelet from Miss A with a nice outfit and still look fashionable.

Surprisingly, the color of the nail polish lasts for a long time without chipping, flaking or needing to be reapplied. When it comes to some scented nail polishes however, while the color will last, the scent tends to wear off during the first day. This is understandable though when you take into consideration how often you use your hands on a daily basis. Scents in general usually do not last very long.

Miss A also carries a line of E.L.F. Cosmetics which include concealer, makeup brushes, lipsticks and more. E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) is a New York based cosmetics company that is proudly “cruelty-free.” They do not test their products on animals. They have also been featured in many magazines such as Allure and InStyle. Basically, E.L.F. is not a no name brand and their cosmetics are not low quality. Miss A also carries other cosmetics lines such as Kleancolor and L.A. Colors.

What you see is what you get with Miss A. All of the photos on their website do a great job of showing what the item truly looks like so it is easy to trust that you will get what you see on the website.

With a huge selection of accessories and cosmetics at only $1 per item, it is very hard to resist filling up the shopping cart with so many cute accessories! The low pricing and shipping also makes it very easy to try out the shop for yourself. Just pick a couple of cute items and give Miss A a chance!