Missing N.C. girl, Zahra Baker.

Adam Baker, father of missing 10 year old N.C. girl Zahra Baker, was arrested Monday at the airport on unrelated charges. Police do not believe he was attempting to leave the area, but was instead there to pick up relatives flying in.

Baker is charges with one count of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of failure to return rental property, two counts of communication threats and five counts of writing worthless checks.

The timing of the arrest leaves many questioning the details as Hickory Police Chief Tom Adkins has previously said that authorities were delaying the arrest of Baker while he cooperated with the police.  Whether or not the father is still cooperating is unknown at this time.

He is currently being held in jail on a $7,000 bond.

Baker’s wife Elisa, stepmother to Zahra, has been jail for two weeks on several charges that include obstruction of justice. She admitted to writing a fake ransom note found at the scene.

The three days search of a local landfill did not offer any results to police. According to authorities, they were searching for a mattress that had belonged to Zahra. It was allegedly disposed of in the days prior to her disappearance.

The 10 year old disabled girl was reported missing October 9th, but has not been seen by anyone other than family since September 25th. On October 12th the police declared the investigation a homicide.