Tesla Motors has made up their mind about the new automobile the company is planing to launch.

The target price for the car once it’s released into the market is $35,000. The number is meant to be competitive and so is the name, the Model 3.

The Model 3 has had a couple of renames before even being marketed. Ford apparently didn’t like the idea that Tesla was going to be naming their new product Model E, so they threatened to pursue legal action.

This, of course, resulted in Tesla Motors having to go back to the drawing table and figure out how they were going to keep the same idea and change the name.

Thus, the Model 3 was born. It’s an elegant, yet affordable, automobile. Tesla Motors is known for creating very impressive products which are affordable to the everyday consumer.

In addition to the great pricing, their products also lead the market in gas economy and electric mileage.

We have already seen the car company get pushed out of the market in the state of New York when legislators banned Tesla Motors from opening any more car dealerships in the district.

The pressure for Tesla Motors is apparent; the big corporations like Ford and GM are starting to pay attention to Tesla a lot more.