Modern Warfare 3, the upcoming Call Of Duty quasi-realistic military game from Activision, has experienced major leakage. While Activision has not confirmed any of it, the rumored details of the game have lit up gaming websites and forums.

The Modern Warfare 3 leak is being attributed to  Gawker’s gaming site, Kotaku. According to them, the game will be released by Activision on November 8 2011.

The say that the game begins after the Modern Warfare 2 cliffhanger. Players will be cast in different roles and locations around the world. Characters include a Russian Federal Protective Services agent, an SAS operative, a tank funner and an AC-130 gunner, and various other characters from previous games.

The first of 15 missions involves a Russian invasion of Manhattan. Other major battles take place in New York, London and Paris. A single player campaign is said to “wrap up most of the unanswered questions and character fates of the first two Modern Warfare titles”. Two new major characters, members of Delta Force, Frost and Sandman, will be introduced. Two special ops modes, Survival and Mission, will also debut. Kotaku reports there will be as many as 20 multiplayer maps, but some may be held back for future DLC packs.

Activision has released no statements regarding the Modern Warfare 3 leak.