Whether your looking to take on your favorite winding road, or planning to attack a road course, the 2014 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ABS has you covered.

The popular entry level sport bike has received numerous tweaks and updates to provide a more every day usable platform.

To start with, the engine has received 37cc more displacement via longer stroke. Now with 636cc’s, the first thing you notice is more low end torque, making your drive around town a more civilised affair.

To further aid the ease of stop and go city driving, the ZX6R ABS has a three mode traction control system. Modes 1 & 2 are performance oriented while mode 3 offers up increased stability for slippery conditions.

You can also choose either a full power setting or a low power setting. Couple this to Kawasaki’s Intelligent Anti-Lock brakes and the net result is a sport bike that can handle any road at any time regardless of what the weatherman calls for, with the exception of snow.

A new Slipper clutch, with assist, has two cams which gives the ZX6R ABS a large increase in drivability either at low speed or under heavy track loads.

The Assist cam functions as a self-servo, pulling the hub and operating plate together to squeeze the clutch plates.

This has reduced the needed number of clutch springs to 3, that’s a 50% decrease.

This means less weight, and a lighter clutch lever. At the same time it has increased the overall torque capacity, which was needed to handle the increased engine power.

The Slipper cam eases pressure on the clutch plates during excessive engine braking, for instance a quick or accidental downshift, and prevents wheel hop and skidding.

This bike feels light, flickable and easy to move especially at city speeds. The Bridgestone S-20 tires complement the frames nimble handling and mid corner confidence is high due to the balanced and communicable nature of the pairing.

The new generation front fork features a spring in each tube. The left controls preload and the right takes care of damping. The fork has been lightened and set up to maximize enjoyment and control while carving corners on back roads.

The rear suspension is largely unchanged from the previous model. That said it has received a lighter spring rate to enhance riding comfort.

The instrument cluster features a large tach with a digital display with gear position, dual trip meter, odometer, clock, fuel consumption average/present, traction control level, shift indicator and fuel level warning light. All in all it is neat, and clearly understood.

As far as styling is concerned, the ZX6R ABS is a mini ZX-10R, aggressive and minimalist, with a short triangular exhaust allowing for sharper lean angles.

This bike is sure to please novice and experienced riders, whether on the road, in town or at the track.

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