Most Common Fashion Faux Paus

Most Common Fashion Faux Paus

Fashion is intended to accentuate your inner beauty and draw out your inner confidence through what you wear.

It should be used as a means to express your personality and unique style through clothing and accessory choices.

Some women are more conservative while others choose bold items that make them stand out from the crowd. No matter your taste, there are a few simple rules that everyone should follow to ensure you look your best.

Two Sizes Too Small

One of the most difficult realizations for any woman to accept is that your body changes, whether it is caused from diet, hormonal changes, pregnancy, or age. When this occurs, many women will attempt to squeeze into clothing that no longer fits or struggle in the dressing room to wrestle into a size they once wore. Even if you do manage to get it zipped, you are probably uncomfortable and very self-conscious.

People need to learn how to be comfortable in their own skin, even when it changes. Odds are you will look a million times better in a larger size and will be much more comfortable if you have room to move.

It’s better to admit that your body is changing than risk an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in public. One of the most memorable examples from 2013 occurred when the dress designed for Mariah Carey split during an interview on Good Morning America, nearly exposing body on national television.

The other fact many shapely woman need to realize is that not all trends are flattering for every figure. What may look good on one person could be potentially embarrassing for another, so don’t rely too heavily on the runway looks and fashion magazines. Trends are there to inspire fashion, not dictate what you should wear.

Rainbow “Brite”

Another common fashion mistake is wearing too many colors and patterns. Both choices can draw negative attention and make you stand out in a crowd. It is wise to limit your outfit to only three colors or shades for simplicity. It may be helpful to find a color wheel to help with your coordination; colors opposite one another on the wheel are considered complementary.

Limiting your choices in the number of patterns you wear will also prevent you from being considered for any “Worst Dressed” list. Too many patterns can become an eyesore or create an optical illusion. It is best to find a pattern you look good in and complement it with solid colors. This will give you a sleeker look and avoid clashing too many patterns.

It is also a good idea to avoid wearing a pattern from head to toe, especially if you have curves.  While this may work for some figures, it can become a total disaster if you choose the wrong print. To illustrate this point, you can see the dress Kim Kardashian wore to the “Met Gala” and understand how the wrong pattern can add pounds.

Blast from the Past

The last bit of advice is to wear age appropriate fashion clothing.  Things you used to wear as a teenager or a starving college student will create a different perception if you are over the age of 25. Once you enter the professional world, you must realize that your appearance and first impression will speak volumes, especially in the corporate world. You want to portray a persona of maturity, organization, and confidence.

After a certain point, you must realize that particular styles are better suited to the blossoming youth and teeny boppers. You want people to take you seriously, so you may want to rethink those pants with the print across your behind or that show too much skin.  One of the most common celebrity examples is Madonna, who at 53 still looks amazing.  However, this Material Girl was better suited for a burlesque show in the outfit she wore to the 2013 Billboard Awards.