As a son myself, and a father with a young daughter, I need to get Mother’s Day gifts for two Moms. As the fateful day nears… I’m looking at a minefield.

It’s almost as bad as that dreaded Valentine’s Day! Though at least with the V day, there is the camaraderie one feels with all the other men, as we all gingerly feel our way through the aisle of candy hearts, all looking embarrassed to be there.

But for some reason, the camaraderie feeling doesn’t transfer to an aisle full of kids and Mother’s Day stuff.

Oh sure, if I had a bunch of money, it would be easier. I’d by them both a cool new Kindle, that’s an easy pick. You can see my story on a Mother’s Day Kindle special here.  But I am (not by choice) a man of modest means at the moment. As many of us seem to be in this economy.

So what do I get them? Well, what do they want?

“What do you want for Mother’s Day”, I holler at my wife, who is sitting at the kitchen table working on the budget while I type. “Nothing!” she says. “Perfect” is my reply. That’s a lot of help, eh?

So I call my Mom. “What do you want for Mother’s Day”, I ask. “Nothing,” she says. Seriously – I’m not making this up! That’s an exact quote. “But don’t you dare forget,” she added. She wants nothing, but I’m not to forget – a little clarification sought – oh… she does want a phone call, but not a present.

So in a survey involving my Mom and my daughter’s Mom, the surprising answer is unanimous. They want NOTHING. But I know that won’t really do!

Minefield looms.