The new Motorola Xoom tablet took the Consumer Electronics Show by storm on Wednesday, proving that the oft overlooked electronics giant still has more to give.

Ehud Geldblum, analyst for Morgan Stanley, summed it up for us: “Motorola’s got game, again.”

The Xoom tablet received the highest score out of all the tablets presented at the show, and may soon be a serious competitor in the iPad dominated market.

Motorola didn’t stop there either, receiving top scores a second time for the Motorola Atrix, a 4G network capable smartphone. The phone can be docked to power a laptop, though it was not mentioned how long the Atrix can keep the laptop running.

Motorola was one of the original innovators in the mobile sector, and has been filing patents ever since the 70’s.

According to William Strofega, mobile device analyst, Motorolla “made a comeback in one of the most difficult and competitive markets, and one of the worst recessions.”

The Xoom offers a 10.1 inch screen, which rivals the iPad’s in terms of both size and quality.

Analysts are understandably worried that the possible partnership of Verizon and Apple will thwart any competition’s attempts to leverage into the mobile market, but Motorola is still giving it their best shot.

See the impressive Motorola Xoom at the 2011 CES: