Mud Out On DVD – Review: Strong Cast, Plot & Scenery All Come Together
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Mud Out On DVD – Review: Strong Cast, Plot & Scenery All Come Together

Last week the movie Mud came out on DVD.

The movie stars Matthew McConaughey’s and two young actors, Tye Sheridan and Jacob Seth Lofland.

McConaughey plays the role of a fugitive who was looking for the love of his life (Reese Witherspoon).

The movie is shot and filmed in Arkansas and shows the landscape of the state in its natural beauty. One thing that this film possesses is amazing shots by the cameramen and raw natural portrayal of the swamp lands in the region.

Something that any movie-goer loves is good camera shoots and this movie has some of the strongest scenes that we’ve seen to date that don’t involve any computer scripting or CGi.

It’s a very entertaining movie as well with a deep plot with high amounts of characterization.

The two boys in the movie prove to the film industry that child actors can be trusted with high value characters such as they were in this movie. The two boys impressed audiences from all over who came to watch this movie and you can bet that their acting careers are only going to grow from this job onward.

Witherspoon also makes a good appearance in the film. She lets everyone know that she can still play the rundown/abandoned and selfless characters that she used to be so exceptional at portraying.

In this movie, she and McConaughey (Mud) are lovers that have been separated due to an uneventful situation that presented itself. McConaughey uses the two young lads that discover him on an island to get preparations ready for a boat which he is going to use to escape from State troopers that are searching for him in the area.

The film has a very deep emotional value in the story and it teaches the audience a lesson of moral duties.

Not to mention that the acting is actually really, really good and anyone who pays attention to the small details of acting will be very impressed with the job performed by the cast.

This film is great and it’s a good one for the family to watch, with only minor uses of foul language. Jeff Nichols keeps the film’s nature true and realistic, while he leaves out anything that could be seen as unrealistic or far fetched.

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