“Muppets Most Wanted” Trailer Boldly Hits The Web – Here It Is!
The Muppets return to theaters March 2014

“Muppets Most Wanted” Trailer Boldly Hits The Web – Here It Is!

The Muppets return to theaters March 2014 movies,

With all the things coming out of Walt Disney Pictures, it might be difficult to remember that the Muppets are among the company’s active film franchises.

Though they’ve been absent from the world of movies for years, the Muppets made a triumphant return to the silver screen in 2011.

The film was such a success that talk of a sequel began stirring immediately after the film’s release.

The sequel, Muppets Most Wanted, is now set for a 2014 release. A trailer for the film was released today.

The minute long teaser can be seen below. It showcases  a bolder film – the trailer says as much.

After their glorious return, the Muppets are now a global tour and make their way to Europe.  However, as usual for the Muppets,  trouble follows them when Constantine, the world’s greatest criminal and Kermit’s doppelganger,  escapes and changes places with Kermit.

Along with his no. 2 man Dominic (Ricky Gervais), Constantine’s presence creates certain mayhem for the Muppets…. so it is just a normal day for The Muppets.

Along with Ricky Gervais, the film stars Ty Burrell, Tina Fey and an assortment of cameos.

Muppets Most Wanted will be in theaters March 21, 2014.

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