MyPillow’s BBB Accreditation Revoked, Rating Changed To F

We’ve all heard it on the radio and seen the infomercials on TV. Buy one get one free! The official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation! Now, however, MyPillow is running into trouble with the BBB.

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota has revoked MyPillow Inc’s accreditation and has lowered its rating from A+ to F, a rare occurrence.

The problem stems from MyPillow’s “Buy One Get One Free” offer, an offer that never seems to stop. According to the BBB’s code of advertising, an offer must be just that — an offer. If the offer continues for an unlimited amount of time, then it’s no longer an offer; it’s the standard price and must be marketed as such. In this case, the $89.97 price should have been presented as the price of two pillows, not as one pillow with the second pillow “free.”

The BBB contacted MyPillow last August and attempted to convince them to change their tactics, but were unsuccessful.

Other complaints that have been filed against MyPillow include confusion about the “premium” pillows which are offered on their website vs “standard” pillows that are offered at retailers, as well as problems with MyPillow’s claims that their pillows provide a solution to problems such as sleep apnea.

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