N9 Is The First & Last Meego Phone From Nokia

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop speaks about the future of Meego based devices to those who did not get the message clearly from Nokia. Nokia is going to abandon Meego whatever the market reaction of N9 may be. There can be nothing clearer than that.

In recent days Nokia has given the world quite a show with their new amazing devices, which is not usual for Nokia. From the far behind position in the smartphone competition, the new Nokia N9 is showing a sign of evolution which was necessary for Nokia to get back in the competition. But whatever it may look like, this is not the step Nokia is going to take. That probably means, no more Nokia Meego phones.

Elop has confirmed that they will be concentrating on other platforms rather than on Meego, even if the only Nokia Meego phone, the N9, becomes a huge hit. But he also spoke about the N9 while speaking about the inventions of Nokia. As he says, the N9 features many “new breakthroughs related to its usability, design, and materials, which we will be utilising and developing further in our upcoming models” He did not speak about the new features, but he said that the features will be apparent soon.

The most positive thing he said about the N9 features is the application framework. All the apps of previous Nokia platforms will run in the Meego operated Nokia N9. So now users who are satisfied with Symbian apps do have a reason to buy an N9 handset.