Natalie Portman’s publicist confirmed today that there is not one, but two congratulations in order for Natalie Portman and her Black Swan co-star Benjamin Millepied.

The choreographer Millepied and Natalie Portman are officially engaged and expecting their first child.  Portman and Millepied met during the production and filming of the Black Swan, a critically acclaimed film that is now in theaters.  Portman’s role on the film has garnered her nominations for both a Golden Globe Award as well as the highly coveted Screen Actors Guild Award.  Portman has already won a number of very exclusive awards for her work in movies and these would serve to bolster her stature in film.

The couple’s relationship has, for the most part, been keep away from the public eye up until this recent announcement confirming the relationship.  Baby news for celebrities inevitably raises the chatter and stature of the person in the public eye.  By making this announcement in a public venue and at this time, some suspect that it may be a publicity ploy to gain more interest in the movie Black Swan.