National Geographic Celebrates Big Cat Week with Free Mobile App and DVD

National Geographic Celebrates Big Cat Week with Free Mobile App and DVD

Betty White Goes Wild!

National Geographic has decided to kick off this years Big Cat Week, their yearly celebrations of all things large and feline, with a brand new (free) mobile application, as well as a (not so free) Blu-Ray collection.

The week long fiesta will feature a variety of cat related TV programs, as well as a mass of online and offline events that are sure to have the internet ablaze with (even more) cute and fuzzy pictures of man’s second best friend.

Free Mobile App

The tablet application, imaginatively dubbed “Big Cat Week : Quest For Survival”, is available right now (for free) in the Apple App Store.

Quest for Survival will have players traversing a variety of jungle environments from the point of view of nature’s fiercest and most feared member of the feline family; the formidable African lion.

As the undisputed king of the jungle, you will be able to hunt, stalk, and viciously devour your prey in what has been called (by it’s creators) an intense “First Person Predictor” experience.

Unfortunately, as was said earlier, the application is only available for iOS devices; meaning that I, as a member of the 70% (of the market) who do not own an Apple iPad, was unable to test out the app to see if it was actually any good.

Hopefully, the folks at NatGeo will realize that their decision to go iOS only has alienated the majority of their addressable market (Android, Windows Phone ……….. Blackberry?) and will rectify this issue for next years celebration.

The Blu-Ray Set

Along with this (assumedly) cool new mobile app, NatGeo is also releasing a paid Blu-Ray disc set called “National Geographic Big Cats 2”.

The “Big Cats 2” collection is currently being sold on their website for $39.95 and contains 3 discs of “visually stunning and powerfully resonant stories” of 5 big cats filmed in their natural habitat.

Are you excited over this years Big Cat Week? Are you mad that you don’t own an iPad? Tell us in the comments section below.

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