Natural Birth Control For Dogs: Safely Prevent Pregnancy Until Spaying

Highly Favored Creations LLC has introduced a safe birth control especially for dogs called the Pet Anti-Breeding System, or PABS.

PABS is not a pill, nor a patch, nor an insert. PABS is a belt with an 8-point buckle system that keeps the dog’s vulva covered at all times.

PABS is made out of durable, soft webbing and mesh that allows dogs to relieve themselves without the need of removal.

PABS’ five available sizes ensure that every dog — no matter her size — can be protected from accidental breeding until she is spayed. PABS also allows for the dog’s growth plates to mature.

Dog owners can purchase a PABS here for a limited-time price of $39.99. This sale lasts until Wednesday, January 20, when the price will go back to $59.99.

Highly Favored Creations LLC may have introduced the Pet Anti-Breeding System, but they still believe in the spaying and neutering of pets, which is expressed in its statement:

“Although we support and promote the indisputable benefits of spaying at the right age, age varies with the breed of dog. Knowing the right age to breed or spay is extremely important. Our products allow pet parents to be prepared until that time comes. We want to add years to [dog’s lives] and eliminate diseases associated with premature spaying.”

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Remember, the best product for your pet is the one that makes them happy and healthy!

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