Ryan Seacrest

I never thought I would find myself writing these words, but NBC needs Ryan Seacrest ‘Today’… pun intended.

As ABC’s Good Morning America closes the ratings gap with the perennial champion of morning shows, NBC needs to do something bolder than just knock ex co-host Ann Curry off the show, which it did recently.

The ‘Today’ show needs to, and it bothers me to write this, push news more to the back-burner and focus more on entertainment in order to build its viewership.

As a conservative, old-fashioned type of guy I hesitate to promote both Ryan Seacrest AND infotainment, but like it or not, the ‘E’ Channel type of “news” rules the day.

Few people are interested in news programming anymore … just check the pathetic ratings for CNN and MSNBC.

Putting Lara Spencer front and center as part of its GMA team as lifestyle editor, ABC understands the present and perhaps future of morning shows.

After Olympics coverage, which Seacrest joins NBC for, ‘Today’ should ‘idolize’ the marketing powerhouse that is Ryan Seacrest to get him on board its program.

Or GMA just might leave ‘Today’ in the ratings dust.