NBC’s Smash Returns… Season 2 Premiere Very Disappointing

As a fan of the Broadway musical inspired show, I was hoping that NBC’s Smash would return this year stronger than the very weak showing it had during its first season. I was wrong.

Smash, for those that are unaware, is supposed to be the adult version of Fox’s Glee.

Aspiring stars in New York get together to create a Broadway show inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe called Bombshell. The premise was strong, the acting and the voices were on top, and the original songs for the show were, well, original.

After the premiere episode however, the show quickly went down hill. I’m one of the people that kept watching it with hopes that it would get better.

When the first season of Smash ended, and it was announced that it was to be renewed, everyone knew that there needed to be changes.

There were characters that didn’t fit in the show, there were characters that were just too cartoony to even belong in a show that was aimed at adults. The camp aspect of the show had to be dialed back just a bit, not all the way though. You can’t try and have a serious show, when people are bursting into song in the middle of a bar.

The hope was that the shows producers would find a way to make the show what all the viewers thought it should be.

Smash had it’s season 2 premiere last night and while there were some strong changes, I found for the most part that the 2 hours just didn’t hold my attention. The annoying characters were gone, the cast additions were amazing, but the story line just didn’t fit for me.

Smash started a few months after the last season ended where, after ending a strong run in Boston, Bombshell closed and the cast packed up and went back home to New York.

The plan once there was to get the funding to take the show right to Broadway. However, Eileen (played by Anjelica Huston) had a few missteps last season when she secured the funding, namely getting the funding from some shady bar owner (I think that he was in the mob, but I’m not even sure if they said what he did. Possibly a drug dealer).  This put the stop on the entire show.

I would go into more detail about the hour, but that’s really the only thing I got out of it.

Oh that and everyone that was fighting with each other last season is still fighting with each other. The show dragged on for two hours, and other than the musical numbers by Kathryn McPhee, Jennifer Hudson and Megan Hilty, I really don’t remember a single detail. I do need to give credit where credit is due. Every time one of these ladies started to sing, I paid attention. So it has that going for it.

The camp factor, instead of being dialed back seems to have disappeared. The creators of the show can’t possibly think that the way to keep viewers is to make a show that has an absurd premise take it’s self seriously.

It’s possible that the fact that show was two hours long caused the story to be dragged out a bit too much. I wont know until I tune in next week to find out, because really, it has to get better eventually right?

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Consumer Expert Mel Bodley

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