Netflix Comes to Germany and German Apple TV

Netflix, the popular subscription-based movie and television streaming service, has officially launched today in Germany. Netflix has also been added as an Apple TV channel in Germany.

Prior to today’s launch, Netflix was primarily limited to North and South American, France, the UK, and other parts of Northern Europe. The move to Germany is a promising one for the rest of Europe.

Apple has been slow in recent years to update its list of Apple TV channels, particularly in countries other than the United States. New Netflix customers in Germany are fortunate enough to see a Netflix channel right alongside the service’s launch.

The Netflix selection in the UK is noticeably smaller than that of the US due to licensing restrictions. This is likely to be the case for the German Netflix as well.

In a tweet, Netflix announced that the company also plans to expand its service into Austria shortly, and possibly Belgium and Luxembourg as well.

Netflix subscriptions in Germany will start at €7.99 per month.