If you’re a fan of Netflix DVD’s in your mailbox, prepare for a paradigm shift!

It has recently been announced that Netflix (NFLX) would be scaling back their DVD distribution, no longer shipping on Saturdays.

Is this a sign that Netflix is slowly phasing out its DVD service?

Beginning with the controversial announcement of Qwikster back in 2011, the company seems all too eager to eliminate the avenue that brought it to great heights. This latest move only cements that observation.

With costs of maintaining DVD warehouses outweighing servers for digital streaming, it’s no surprise. But subscribers have protested the waning options they once took for granted.

Netflix continues to lure cinephiles and TV show connoisseurs to their digital plans. Successful exclusives such as House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black prove this method works.

Declarations across social media state that DVD’s will be nonexistent within the next two years. Is it alarming that Netflix would not heed this warning?

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