Netflix To Raise Its Prices For All Subscribers

It’s finally happening, Netflix raises its monthly subscription fee to $9.99.

If you were an original Netflix user, you may have been spared the price increase a couple of years ago. But it looks like everyone’s Netflix is getting more expensive soon.

Netflix just announced that they would raise its price for all customers to $9.99 on its most popular standard plan starting in May.

This may seem like déjà vu, the streaming company raised its price from $7.99 to $8.99 in 2014 for new subscribers. Sparing existing customers the additional fee.

This is the first time it is increasing the price for existing customers after guaranteeing them the original price plan for two years in May of 2014. And they did not forget this anniversary.

The news was shared with Shareholders in a quarterly letter. The increase is expected to affect approximately 17 million subscribers in the U.S and the UK. British subscribers will also see an increase of 50p, increasing their subscriptions to 7.49.

A JP Morgan survey suggests 80% of those who will be affected by the increase will have no clue and simply be charged more.

If you are curious whether your Netflix account will be affected, just check your plan in the My Account section of the website or the app.

If you are one of the millions, you do have choices other than canceling your account. There is still a plan available for $7.99; it’s just the standard definition plan. Which means you won’t get your shows in HD while streaming.

What do you think of Netflix’s price increase?

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