Netflix Video Shows Off Their Emmy Nominated Shows

Netflix Video Shows Off Their Emmy Nominated Shows

After the news that Netflix was being nominated for 14 different Emmy awards, they decided to give their fans a little sneak peak teaser into what could be expected.

We’re all in love with the original series that Netflix has been producing for their viewers, including “Orange is the New Black”, “Hemlock Grove”, “Arrested Development” and “House of Cards”.

Now we get to see the shows we’ve grown to love make it to the big stage.

It’s an important time for Netflix. Some of their shows, such as “Hemlock Grove,” have experienced recent drops in ratings. Critics have not been welcoming.

However, Netflix has decided to bring the show back for a second season. The second season is scheduled to air sometime in 2014.

Some people see this teaser as a type of bragging, but hey, if you had 14 nominations for a world famous award, wouldn’t you brag as well? Check out this very informative but at the same time, appealing Netflix teaser for the upcoming Emmy Awards event.

The show which has produced the most nominations is “House of Cards.” It has gather 9 overall nominations. It’s super exciting to see something which started out so small  gradually progress into something of this magnitude.

Here’s the video: