Mini recently announced the addition of  a 4 door version of its modern take on a classic tiny car.

The ever expanding Mini, is now 6.3 inches longer than the two door variant. The wheel base was stretched a further 2.9 inches allowing for more interior room.

Head room has increased 0.5 inches and shoulder room is expanded by 1.8 inches.

The rear seat can accommodate a third passenger. One can only assume this person will have to be relatively tiny.

The cargo area has been modestly enlarged to 9.2 cubic feet, which is an increase of 0.5  cubic feet.

Two versions will be available, the Mini Cooper Hardtop 4 door, and the Cooper S Hardtop 4 door.

The Cooper will feature a 3 cylinder  turbo engine producing 134 hp.

The Cooper S will get a 4 cylinder turbo putting out 189 hp.

A 6 speed manual is available to those who enjoy more involvement in their commute. Or you will be able to opt for a 6 speed Steptronic transmission.

Either way Mini promises the same level of driving pleasure and the go-kart experience that always brings a smile.

Optional equipment will include a heads up display, LED headlights, and a Driver Assistant system.

The Driver Assist system provides active cruise control, collision and pedestrian warning with initial brake function, high beam assistant, road sign detection, parking assist and rear view camera.

The infotainment system will be capable of adopting various Apps from either Apple i-phone or Android based smartphones.

The exterior is all Mini, with the circular headlights, the upright rear lights, hexagonal grill and so on. Essentially you will immediately know your looking at a mini, albeit a rather long one.

Distinguishing the Cooper S will be a high gloss black bumper trim, brake air ducts, a hood duct and tail pipes poking out  the center.

All in all it promises to be a fun to drive more versatile version of the much loved small car.