New Carcassonne Game Released Today | Like It Or Not?

The fifteen-year-old tile-laying game Carcassonne will have a new look in stores today.

Z-Man Games announced the change in September on its website and Facebook page. Not all fans were happy with the change.

The game, which won Germany’s coveted Spiel des Jahres award in 2001, has more than 70 versions and expansions.

The new version gives the base game new art on the cover and on the tiles, which make up the board.

It also includes two expansions, The River and The Abbott.

The new version hasn’t showed up on yet, but it is available as a preorder from for $23.99.

Carcassonne is played by choosing a face-down tile and then laying it down so it matches another tile currently on the board. Players deploy people tokens, called meeples, to earn them points by being knights in cities, thieves on roads, monks in monasteries, and farmers on the land.

The backs of the tiles of the new version are the same, so the game will work with its other versions and expansions. But some fans don’t want to mix and match, and they’re worried expansions going forward will have the new look.

They sounded off on the company’s Facebook page back when the new look was announced.

Z-Man Games said the new tiles are “fully compatible with this version since the back of the tiles and the rules remain unchanged.”

“It may play together but you(r) board will look stupid,” one fan said. “… I’m cool with a new box front, but new tiles after 72 expansions really sucks.”

Other commenters, however, thought the game looked dated and were glad to see the change.

What do you think? Did Carcassonne need a new look?

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