DIE HARD released for iOS and AndroidA Good Day to Die Hard, the movie, is being released in theaters this weekend.

But smartphone owners can get a head start on the fun – the mobile game DIE HARD has been released.

It’s an endless runner and FPS game that goes on a never-ending attack, with enemies coming from the front.

Players get to play the character of the main hero, NYC cop Jack McClane, battling enemies across different locations.

The game includes gadgets, power ups, weapons and even a slow-motion bullet feature. According to the game’s developers, there will be frequent updates in the form of new levels, weapons and more.

The game app is going to support high resolution displays on android and iOS devices, and also supports the taller screen of the iPhone 5.

DIE HARD costs $0.99 at Apple’s App Store.

Android users can get DIE HARD free on Google Play.

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